5 of the Cheapest Date Ideas

5 of the Cheapest Date Ideas

Dating on a budget

Whether you’ve got money to spare or if you’re on a tight budget, it’s always good to have interesting date ideas. Girls are not looking for an expensive date, they are looking for a quality guy. So, no matter where you take your girl, make sure that you can show her the best possible you.

This means that a movie or a noisy concert is only a good idea if you also have time to talk and hang out before or after. The best part about sharing an experience is talking about how it touched or moved you. And even if you weren’t touched or moved, that still gives you something to discuss. These next five super date ideas will give your date plenty of time to breath while taking in the scenery – no matter what your budget.

  1. Stay at home. A stay at home date is perfect to get to know each other. While you’re in your own space surrounded by your own music CD’s, movies, books and other interests, take the time to share your favourite ones with her. You might find that you two have more in common than you thought! If there are things she doesn’t know about, you can take the time to tell her about the things that are important in your life. You two can snack on a simple appetizer while you two explore your world. Don’t be afraid to venture into the kitchen and office to give her the full tour.Home
  1. Go early – do lunch! Many restaurants offer lunch prices that are 10-15$ cheaper than dinner prices, so why not go for a lunch date? Lunch happens in the middle of the day, so after you eat you two will have all the time you need to do some people watching and talk. You’ll both be energized and ready for anything.lunch
  1. Go to a friend’s place. If you have a friend who is away on vacation, or will be away for a night, why not ask to use his place. This cheap date idea gives you both a change of scenery without emptying your pockets. Since the date is at someone else’s place, you can surprise your lady by setting up a game or putting out some snacks before the two of you get to your friend’s place to start the evening.friend's place
  1. Take a hike! Take your date outdoors for a memorable experience – just make sure that you tell her about it in advance. Girls don’t typically dress for the outdoors for a date, so make sure that she’s mentally prepared and dressed appropriately. No matter what the weather, sharing a beautiful walk together is always appreciated. This low-cost date will get you plenty of opportunities to get closer to your date while you take in the view.take a hike
  1. Star gaze. This affordable date idea is perfect on a clear night. You can turn the activity into a late-night picnic by bringing a few snacks like olives, cheese, bread and wine. Bring plenty of blankets in case it gets cold, because this date is cuddle worthy. She will melt into your arms while the two of you lay on your backs trying to pick out the constellations.star gaze

Don’t let money keep you out of the dating game. You can spend time with a girl on any budget with these fail-safe date ideas that will keep a little extra change in your pocket for the next date.