If you’re single like me, you know that finding the right website, creating your online profile and meeting new singles in your area, are not simple tasks. You are faced with hundreds, even thousands of choices and it sometimes all feels overwhelming. You do not want to make the wrong decision and waste your time creating useless profiles on dishonest websites that end up spamming your inbox or costing you a fortune for absolutely nothing. I for one have tried many websites this last year and have managed to create a list of 3 of the top online dating sites that I feel should definitely be a part of your exploration of the single life.

You want a trusted website that has made its way to the top with top notch service, interesting and contrasting singles profiles and that has an irreproachable reputation. You want real authentic people with real interests so that you can actually find a mate that will satisfy you’re every need even if it’s just for sex or if you want to make a commitment or if you just want to test the singles waters. Whatever you want, you would like it all to be in the same website no?


Easy Dating which site



This is by far my favorite because it’s simple, efficient and it works really well if you’re looking for a quick fuck, a one night stand, a sinful night of adulterous pleasure and a hot sexual encounter. No 500 questions questionnaire, no 2000 word essay to write about yourself and best of all it simply directs you to the best dating site for you if they aren’t it.

Profile easy dating exposed Staci

You can meet people close to your location or whatever location you choose to look for. It’s got a simple profile to fill out and it has an incredible sense of detecting which profiles are real and which are not which leave you with more real profiles than any other website out there. I created a fake profile with my friend because we were curious about testing the site before actually joining and they automatically detected it was a fake account and asked us to confirm it. We didn’t so they deleted it. I then created a real profile for myself and have had more success at meeting people than ever.


I’ve tried this site for a while and return occasionally but since my first choice is working out really well I haven’t felt the need to return.

Ok Cupid is a great dating website whereas easydatingexposed has more of a sexual focus. It’s great for newly single mothers and looking for anything from friendships, pen pals to long term relationships and more. It is a very complete and simple website with tons of options.

ok cupid profile



What I liked best about it is that it had a ton of people from my area and it automatically linked me with possible dates with the same interests as me. The more you answer questions the better they get at matching you. A friend of mine has actually met someone on this site and has been with him for the past 3 years and they are grossing me out with their never ending sloppy kissing and unstoppable love.

Best part about this website besides that fact that it’s super simple to sign up and even easier to meet people is that it’s completely free. I’ve been tons of other websites that promise you love or sex for a mere 49.99$ but it’s all lies… all of it. All fake profiles and people not answering messages and money very badly spent. Why pay for crappy websites when you can get better everything for free?


Ok, the set-up is a little cheesy but what really counts is what’s inside right? This website is primarily dedicated to sexual encounters but also has a side job of matching people with the same interests and goals together. If you’re in it for the sex, awesome you will be served, if you’re there to meet the man of your dreams then it might be a little harder but you’ll definitely get there. I say why not date, have fun and have awesome sex at the same time!! It’s like the nirvana of dating sites, everything wrapped up into one beautiful little erotic package! You’ve got to try it to believe it.

erotic love profile


It’s sometimes difficult to find what we are truly looking for when you are single. First question you have to ask yourself is “What is it I want out of the dating site?” Do you want to find a long lasting partner or maybe you’re searching for new friendships or just looking for a quick fuck? All these questions need to be answered before settling down on one exclusive website.

My advice is try out a few dating websites, it can be from my top online dating sites list or not, don’t worry I’m not the type to go knocking down your door if you don’t do as I say. Dating is a personal thing and everyone is different and has different needs to fulfill so nobody better than you to decide where you’re going to upload that hot picture you took of yourself this summer and get started on your journey as a bachelor or bachelorette. 





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